Energetics is a fundamental part of the society and economy, that has become an indispensable requisite of the development of human civilisation during the last centuries. When there is no energy there is no technology, and where there is no technology there is no development.

We are convinced that energetics is an area of the 21st century where the solutions represented by us lead not only to the development of production tools but represent also environment and energy conscious responsible thinking which takes into consideration the extent of environmental and global damages caused by the mankind and their possible elimination, as well as the reduction of further damages, and ultimately, their prevention.

This responsible way of thinking includes the renewal, more responsible use of the current infrastructure, as well as the application of new energy generating, energy storage and energy consuming devices, and the results of other processes (IT etc.) in the infrastructural development of the devices.

AWE Mérnökszolgálati Kft. and their workers are committed to the above processes. We consider ourselves agents of modern energy storage, distribution and use from the aspect of both our partners and the whole national economy.


Our Current Projects